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Parent's code

Parent Code

  1. Be punctual and set a good example to your child.
  2. Always encourage your child to follow the Fair Play rules.
  3. Always appreciate the play of your child’s team and the opposition team.
  4. Do not criticise publicly the referee, accept the referee’s decisions and never question them.
  5. Acknowledge the authority of the coaches. They devote their time and make efforts to train your child properly.
  6. Set an example to your child and address the parents of the opposition team in a friendly manner.
  7. Negative words such as: "get lost", "drive", "kick back", "fight" cannot be used by the young players of Lech Poznań Football Academy. Avoid them.
  8. Praise and support physical effort and progress.
  9. Children play sport for fun. They do not play to entertain you they are not either miniatures of adult individuals or professional players.
  10. Rest and play no matter the result. In sports education, it is equally important to learn how to win and how to lose.